day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton

this post is just about how much i love brockhampton and their new album ginger. if this post ain’t for u i respect that thanks for stoppin by❤️ ~~~ now for the post ~~~ I really want to buy all of brockhampton’s merch. HOWEVER,, I really can’t afford to buy anything else, since I’ve alreadyContinue reading “day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton”

day 27 feelin’ like heaven

woooo hoooo annnd im back with another blog post coming at you live from fort lauderdale florida. today was the “beginning to the end” so to speak. Today was the first day of my last ever nationals dance competition. #graduatedsenior 😎 i am so happy with the performances i gave on both of my solosContinue reading “day 27 feelin’ like heaven”