day 95 i’m thriving

… for the most part!!Obviously there have been some rough moments due to the huge adjustment to college life and other various circumstances beyond my control, though on the whole I am pretty dang proud of myself for doing as well as I am so far. “So far” is an important little phrase to noteContinue reading “day 95 i’m thriving”

day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton

this post is just about how much i love brockhampton and their new album ginger. if this post ain’t for u i respect that thanks for stoppin by❤️ ~~~ now for the post ~~~ I really want to buy all of brockhampton’s merch. HOWEVER,, I really can’t afford to buy anything else, since I’ve alreadyContinue reading “day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton”