day 27 feelin’ like heaven

woooo hoooo annnd im back with another blog post coming at you live from fort lauderdale florida. today was the “beginning to the end” so to speak. Today was the first day of my last ever nationals dance competition. #graduatedsenior 😎 i am so happy with the performances i gave on both of my solosContinue reading “day 27 feelin’ like heaven”

ok day 26

i shall be honest with thou. i have been slacking on my blog game bc i’ve been dreading assimilating to wordpress. alas, i shall “suck it up” and persevere in this blogquest, despite an apparent challenge. when i logged onto wordpress tonight, suggestions appeared of what wordpress thought i should search for. It read: “Suggestions: Monkeys, Fashion, Vegan.”Continue reading “ok day 26”

day 18 (!?!)

ok ok ok i’m actually writing this day 18 post in WORDPRESS not WIX so i’m kinda frazzled. I’m giving WordPress another chance. I’ve used WordPress in the past, as well as many other website platforms, and I think I’m gonna make THIS my main website now because the business plan on wordpress is cheaperContinue reading “day 18 (!?!)”

day 17 celebration

happy half birthday to meee 🥳 the stranger things cast is going to be on jimmy fallon tonight at 11:30pm edt so i am really excited for that!! #happyhalfbirthdaytomeiamreallyexcitedaboutit today i will list some *little things* for which i am *grateful/appreciate* 🙂 ~my hoodie is so soft & comfy (~˘▾˘)~ ~the ac in my houseContinue reading “day 17 celebration”

In Defense of Myself (day 16)

Tomorrow I turn 18 and 1/2 years old. Today I decided to compile a list of LIFE LESSONS I have learned in the past 4. [The following is what I would assertively tell my 14 and 1/2 year old self, if given the opportunity to speak face to face with her. I think it wouldContinue reading “In Defense of Myself (day 16)”

day 14 …?

My grandma’s flight home got cancelled last night. She was frustrated and exhausted after dealing with the whole mess. She decided to just stay another night with family instead of being routed through multiple airports on different airlines at her own expense. It was for a reason. Through staying an extra day, she was ableContinue reading “day 14 …?”