day 107; // lead me to heaven

Wow. It is SO EASY to be jealous. It is SO EASY to envy. It’s easy to believe lies. ~ “If only-you were-rich enough. As we all know rich = fixed. Always.” “If only-you were-good enough. If only you could dance like them. If only you could be like them. It’s too late now, justContinue reading “day 107; // lead me to heaven”

day 105 of my blog

“18 years ago today, 3000 people would be spending their last night with their family.” Oof. chills. heavy heart. Always remember, Never forget. ~ It with sorrow that we, as a nation and as a world, begin our annual remembrance of, and reflection upon, the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/2001. Tomorrow will be 18 yearsContinue reading “day 105 of my blog”

day 95 i’m thriving

… for the most part!!Obviously there have been some rough moments due to the huge adjustment to college life and other various circumstances beyond my control, though on the whole I am pretty dang proud of myself for doing as well as I am so far. “So far” is an important little phrase to noteContinue reading “day 95 i’m thriving”

day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton

this post is just about how much i love brockhampton and their new album ginger. if this post ain’t for u i respect that thanks for stoppin by❤️ ~~~ now for the post ~~~ I really want to buy all of brockhampton’s merch. HOWEVER,, I really can’t afford to buy anything else, since I’ve alreadyContinue reading “day 88 ~ a post about brockhampton”