Here is a list of UNCOMPLETED goals I want to achieve before I die, grouped by category:

Training/goal related:

  • Ride a unicycle for 100 feet without falling off
  • Ski from summit to base of Rendezvous Mountain in Wyoming
  • Swim to and touch the bottom of the Nemo 33 OR the Y-40 Deep Joy pool
  • Fly a plane/helicopter
  • Break a world record/ Earn an Olympic medal

Travel/place related:

  • Visit a desert
  • Ride the Tube in London with my current Oyster card
  • See red lava flowing, preferably in Hawai’i
  • Buy a Louis Vuitton purse in Paris
  • Live in a snowy place for at least 1 winter
  • Live in Hawai’i for at least 6 weeks


  • Hold/pet a koala, preferably in Australia
  • See a pufferfish puff up
  • See a giraffe/elephant/lion in its natural habitat


  • Meet Harry Styles
  • Meet any member(s) of Brockhampton

Goals which require lots of money:

  • Design/build a Cool Pool™ in my own backyard
  • Flip a house with my dad


  • Taste 100% pure water
  • Meet all the Club Penguin celebrities on Club Penguin Rewritten

“Lifestyle” goals:

  • Own and care for my very own dog
  • Earn a college degree
  • Get at least one dance-related job

COMPLETED items from my bucket list:

  • Earn an “A” on an AICE Exam ~ May 2018, AICE Global Perspectives A-Level
  • Ride a scooter around downtown Key West, Florida ~ August 1, 2019 (with Asia, my mom & my dad)

Hopefully I will achieve most/ all of these goals before I die!

Follow my blog to see if I do!