Bugs In The Thunderstorm, Especially Now

ouch I’ve been bitten by the bitter bugwhose bite says ‘you’re a disgrace to the swarm.’I’ve never felt so alone, outside in the storm.Longing for nothing, but at the same time, a hug. It started with one bug, I thought then that I knew,though after a while more bugs showed up too. The thunder sneersContinue reading “Bugs In The Thunderstorm, Especially Now”

What’s stopping you?

If you want to do something, what’s stopping you?If you want to be someone, who’s stopping you? ~Could it be~the masked crusaders,who wield their pick-axes,stabbing you at every turn? ~Or is it~the inner lion, Your personal defender,howling in surrenderwhen you bend, when you cave, when you break… …conforming to the rules (they) create? I dareContinue reading “What’s stopping you?”

day 107; // lead me to heaven

Wow. It is SO EASY to be jealous. It is SO EASY to envy. It’s easy to believe lies. ~ “If only-you were-rich enough. As we all know rich = fixed. Always.” “If only-you were-good enough. If only you could dance like them. If only you could be like them. It’s too late now, justContinue reading “day 107; // lead me to heaven”

day 105 of my blog

“18 years ago today, 3000 people would be spending their last night with their family.” Oof. chills. heavy heart. Always remember, Never forget. ~ It with sorrow that we, as a nation and as a world, begin our annual remembrance of, and reflection upon, the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/2001. Tomorrow will be 18 yearsContinue reading “day 105 of my blog”

day 95 i’m thriving

… for the most part!!Obviously there have been some rough moments due to the huge adjustment to college life and other various circumstances beyond my control, though on the whole I am pretty dang proud of myself for doing as well as I am so far. “So far” is an important little phrase to noteContinue reading “day 95 i’m thriving”