Native Floridian. Catholic Christian. I love to travel, dance, and snuggle with my dog, Dusty.

more about me

My identity:

  • I am a daughter of God. I am Loved by Jesus. (& you are too! <3)
  • I am currently a freshman college student at Florida State University! Go Noles! 💛❤️

Personality Traits:

  • I am addicted to buying (& wearing!) hoodies, jackets and sweaters even though I live in florida where it is Hot™
  • If I could choose an animal sidekick, I would choose a koala
  • When I was 10 I made multiple club penguin accounts for my stuffed animals
  • Driving kinda stresses me out… however, I like flying in airplanes
  • My mom says i am, (in 3 words): kind, smart & coordinated (aww thanks mommy!)

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❤ -holz