day 52 ~ no more blue

my nails aren’t blue anymore!

i had blue acrylic nails for 16 days. 8 days in, i got my nail caught on a door frame, which ripped the acrylic nail off of my left index finger. there is now a deep tear in my real nail about 0.5cm long. (i measured). each day, all i can do is sit and wait for the pain to subside little by little as time passes on. it still hurts to put pressure on it, but today typing with all 10 fingers is now manageable. it is slowly healing.

when my dad recently found this blog, he had a suggestion for me. “include pictures in your posts,” he said.

so dad, here are some pictures of my nail and its healing process thus far:

**you may want to skip over these pictures if you are sensitive to blood/gross-looking things


although my nails looked sooooo pretty when i first got them, it didn’t take much for one to become painful, sore and ugly. i didn’t even do anything crazy to cause it to rip off. i’ve learned that sometimes, nails just tear. (i never would have anticipated learning that life lesson this summer!)

my nails are like a family. when one person is hurting, all the other family members have to step up to take care of the hurting person. in the case of my nails, the other 9 have to do more work to allow my hurt finger time to heal and recover.

i hope that this little story is in some way inspiring to you. each day, we see so many images & hear so many messages that it can be hard to take a break from all the distractions that jump out at us everyday. you have permission to take time off from whatever is bogging you down lately and just be.

like my little broken nail, you deserve rest, even if you didn’t get physically torn in half like it did.

i hope you have a healing day,

~thank you for reading~

-Holz ❤

*random nail update, (RNU) ~ today i got white gel nails, expect for the one that ripped. my nail tech also removed the little blue stump of acrylic that remained on that finger.

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