day 52 ~ no more blue

my nails aren’t blue anymore! i had blue acrylic nails for 16 days. 8 days in, i got my nail caught on a door frame, which ripped the acrylic nail off of my left index finger. there is now a deep tear in my real nail about 0.5cm long. (i measured). each day, all iContinue reading “day 52 ~ no more blue”

day43 (2befree)

I remember the very first time I left my dog, then young puppy, for more than a few hours when my family and I went on a summer vacation in 2012. I missed him on the trip so much that my heart physically hurt, and I cried while we were on vacation, obsessing over howContinue reading “day43 (2befree)”

day 40

i’m on my way to college orientation!! it’s so weird that i’m actually gonna be starting college soon and everything will be different. it’s not just an idea or an obscure future plan anymore, it’s actually happening. i have also learned some interesting facts in the past week, did you know that: -Koalas are actuallyContinue reading “day 40”