ok day 26

i shall be honest with thou. i have been slacking on my blog game bc i’ve been dreading assimilating to wordpress. alas, i shall “suck it up” and persevere in this blogquest, despite an apparent challenge.

when i logged onto wordpress tonight, suggestions appeared of what wordpress thought i should search for.

It read:

“Suggestions: MonkeysFashionVegan.”

~ Then I decided to write some little stories for you ~

—They say women can’t make money like men do. Because a woman’s place is in the kitchen, with a man above her (in terms of power). Her sole purpose is to serve him and all the other men in society, because that’s what a patriarchy looks like in full swing. Women can’t have real jobs like the men. They make the clothes and feed the kids. That’s what they said back then.

—I once heard a loud cry in the middle of the night, and, having been roused from a vivid dream where I had been traversing another land a few moments ago deep in the realms of my subconscious, I realized that it was not the exotic cry of an animal in the jungle, but alas, my dog who had made the sound, whimpering at me to let him out. I obliged, groggy-eyed, and opened the door.

—The plants are good. They give us air, they fill our lungs with more than molecules, they sustain us in a way that shows us they are simply more than a biological necessity. Why shouldn’t we devour our food with a reverence to power it provides us?

do you see what i did there?


-holz ~(˘▾˘~)

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