day 14 …?

My grandma’s flight home got cancelled last night. She was frustrated and exhausted after dealing with the whole mess. She decided to just stay another night with family instead of being routed through multiple airports on different airlines at her own expense.

It was for a reason.

Through staying an extra day, she was able to provide a small bit of joy to one of my cousins who is going through a trying time. It makes me teary to think about it.

I am also completely done with high school now. I took my last AICE test today, physics paper 1. The questions were challenging and exciting, and I can honestly say I enjoyed solving them, (especially when my chosen answer corresponded with one of the answer choices). I really hope I did well. I did the work all year, paid attention in class, did every question in the textbook and prepared myself as best I could. It’s up to the examiners now, or as they say in Hamilton, “It’s up to the delegates.”

I also went to the beach with Asia today. 🙂 It was so fun, and I reallyyyy needed a day where we had a plan of what to do and a mutually decided upon “time budget” of how long to spend at each place/activity. I like having structure in my life, (most of the time).

âžµ overall, june 11th 2019 was a good day, and one i am glad to have lived. it’s exciting to think that there’s a whole ‘nother day waiting to be experienced by me tomorrow – june 12th 2019 – and that there’s another day after that, and one after that. the events that occur in a single day can truly change one’s life forever.


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