day 3 ~ wasn’t free

i have spent a lOt of money in the past 24 hours.

–> first,

i FINALLY bought Final Cut Pro X last night!!!! *girlish squeals*

i have wanted Final Cut Pro for around 3 years now, and earlier this year i decided that I would buy it with my graduation money. I finally brought myself to spend the $300 on it last night. I could swear that 3 years ago it was only $199 tho?? 🤔 oh well !!!!

–> second,

i bought haley’s new merch today!!! i got the pham friday lavender hoodie in two sizes. my yellow phamily hoodie is a medium and its a tad big on me, so i initially ordered the small. then i freaked out that it would be too small and that by the time i would realize it, the hoodies would be sold out and i couldn’t order a medium. HOPEFULLY i will be able to return one of them!!

–> third,

{this is just Exciting NewsTM}


more info on that later 😙

thankz 4 reading day 3

i am proud of myself for actually doing a blog post for THREE Days in a ROW NOW

until tomorrow,

Holz xx

i’m back — day 2 !!

i am so proud of myself for coming back to this blog for the second day in a row.

what an accomplishment.


– ate lunch with my pop-pop

– wrote 46 thank you notes

– went swimming in my lovely pool w/ mi padre

those are the main highlights.

I spent several hours writing those thank you notes and I’m glad to be done with them. It’s “one less thing to worry about, one less thing to worry abou-out.” (-hamilton). i really appreciate all the graduation gifts i’ve received and i am blessed to have the opportunity to thank everyone who so generously sent/gave me something. thankyou<3

TOMORROW the main event otd is to…

– go to my cousin’s graduation party

it’s about a 2 hr drive each way and we’re going to have 5 people in the car so it will be a little crammed, but hey, we’ll make some memories out of it!!

i feel like i need a fun summer-y sign off thing for all my blog posts from now on …. i will have to think about that. it will give me a reason to come back tmr haha

until tomorrow,


blog kick-off party

This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve tried to start and keep up with a blog. I always end up forgetting about it, putting posts off, and before I know it it’s been 3 years since I put up a blog post, and there were only 2 posts to begin with. It’s sad, really. Acknowledging my previous defeats, and knowing how easily I forget about my website, I am actually REALLY going to try to keep up with it this summer.

Speaking of, now that it’s #summer i can devote my time to actually maintaining and KEEPING UP WITH a blog. I apparently need to learn something from the Kardashians.

Here we go. This first post is just a little kick-off to my blog, celebrating my newfound passion for this website, and the desire to make progress towards one’s goals.